Booking Grooming and FAQ

About booking

We will be open are new grooming clients spots in 2024, please update from our social medias and sign up an email. You will get the updates information.


Under 16 weeks puppy

17-24 weeks puppy before first clip

Special care dog

Q. How can I book in ?

A: We will begin taking new clients again from 1st July 2024. Please TEXT 0480 181 078 reply new client/puppy client/special care client OR visit our NEW CLIENTS page. We will send the correct application form for you. Please fill in and submit. We will review and confirm asap given we are not fully booked.

For new clients (for adult dog, no health issue)

For puppy 4-6 months not first clip yet and puppy classroom under 16 weeks old

For special care dog (for the dog who unable be a normal grooming process)

Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours. Successful applicants will be contacted via text or email. If you haven't heard from us after 48 hours, it may mean that we are full or unable to help you. 


Contact us via Text only 0480 181 078 ( Please do not call and BE KIND)

FILICIOUS PET MART please contact via contact us page only 


Q: Are you qualified for grooming services ?

A: Yes,  Filicious staff members have are experienced with 10+ years grooming at busy pet salons and veterinary clinics/ hospitals AND Canine Massage therapist.

Q: My dog is so active/ naughty/ “bitey” /aggressive/old/disabled/has chronic pain, can I still book in?

A: Yes, our grooming team are very patient with your pet. Our team members worked in Vet clinics, and have enough experience with handling with pets. For the detail please visit special care page and Q&A

Q: What kind of pet services do you offer?

A: We mainly provide puppy grooming, special care grooming and retail and day care. We hope to develop more related pet services for our clients, any update will via our social medias. 

Q: Any parking in the shop?

A: Unfortunately, we don't have own parking. After 10 AM can park on Pacific Highway, parking at our opposite  Lindfield KFC 1 min walk, Woodford Lane carpark 2 min walk and Lindfield Avenue walk pass the station 2 mins way. 

Q: How much is the cost for my dog’s full grooming? 

A: Our price guide is based on the dog’s actual weight (special breed are excepted) please let us know your pet’s weight, hair length and matted, all extra prices will be notice when arrive or via text message confirm after we access the dog.  

Q: Do you do de-matting for my dog?

A: Yes, we do. We charge $5/ 5 mins, for a maximum of 30mins. If we assess the matting is too much and that it takes longer than 30mins or will cause discomfort, we will recommend clipping to a shorter length. This will help your pet feel better and also improve their health.

Q: Will my dog’s photos appear on your social media?

A: Most of them yes, If you are not comfortable with pictures being posted, that Filicious may not suit to you. 

Q: My dog just arrived Australia or NSW from over or other states, can I book in for groom?

A: Most important thing is health check with your local vet, register your pet in NSW state and also update are the vaccines. when you have done this you can book in with us (Text us 0480 181 078) 

Q: My dog vaccine or flea and tick treatment just overdue a day, can I book in for grooming?

A: We ONLY accept pets that have had their FULL vaccinations and up to date flea and tick treatment, if overdue please contact your local vet for the treatments. 

Q: Do you do fancy style cut?

A: No. Our shop is promoting natural and health, we would provide suitable hair length simple and cute natural beauty style only. For example poodle face and feet, schnauzer style, cocker spaniel style the reason request is accepted.