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Toothbrushes !! Filicious exclusive 360degree (made in Japan)

Toothbrushes !! Filicious exclusive 360degree (made in Japan)

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Our 360degree toothbrush is made in Japan and only available exclusively at Filicious Pet Mart. The cylindrical toothbrush head with its soft bristles ensures that all aspects of your dogs dental hygiene is taken care of (teeth and gums). 🦷🪥

This toothbrush features 

- the industry’s thinnest bristles at 0.05mm

- 20,000 bristles on each brush head 

- patented technology to ensure no bristles will fall out during the brushing process 

-3 sizes suit for all ages and sizes dog

We recommend using the toothbrush paired with the Shy Tiger pet toothpaste which is made with all natural ingredients. 

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