Clients note

Some important reminders for Filicious pet!

- Cash and card only, all payments have to complete in store or beforehand, NO after payment accepted

- Normal dogs grooming on Saturday 15% surcharge from 1 Feb 2023 

- If your pet is anxious - Please carry them inside and refrain from forcing them or pulling them inside the shop. This will help establish a good impression and help lessen their anxiety.

- Give us a heads up - Please let us know their current status (any health condition) immediately, so we know how to address them properly.

- Pick them up on time. You are given an hour to pick them up after the text notification has been sent. Failing to follow our schedule might result in another charge which is the "Daycare charge."

- Our grooming services is provide BASIC NATURAL style cut, pet caring only, your pet feeling/ wellbeing/health/behaving always is in our first priory

- We don't do style cut, asian fusion, teddy bear, show cut or specific styling as we are focusing on the pet living style to create a suitable easy maintain look only. ( We do some basic breeds cut e.g schnauzer, Airedale ,cocker spaniel, poodle face, bichon etc) 

- We encourage all clients to establish consistent visits. Each visit gap should be no longer than 3.5 months. If your pet/s doesn't require much grooming work, kindly visit for at least 15 minutes tidy session. In this way, you will be able to keep your regular rate. Skipping visits for more than 3.5 months might may need to wait our new clients spots available again, we will release your spot for new clients who need our help.

 - Regrettably, Filicious neither accepts German shepherd, Huskey or other violent dogs weighing more than 15 kilograms as WE DO NOT perform any sedation on dogs.