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Hi I am Ryohei, I am a pet grooming professional who is passionate about my work, with over 5000 days of experience since 2007. During this time, I have encountered many dogs and their owners who needed help, which has deepened my understanding that pet grooming is not just about making them look pretty, but also about keeping them healthy and improving their quality of life. Throughout the pet grooming process, I have found that it is crucial to make the dogs feel respected, cared for, and loved. At the same time, I have noticed that many pet groomers feel anxious, fearful, worried, and confused during the grooming process when the dogs out of their manage. Therefore, I started thinking about how to address these issues, and I decided to share my experience to help them understand the importance and techniques of pet grooming, and to provide care and assistance to dogs and their owners throughout the grooming process.

My experiences have made me more concerned about the welfare of dogs, and I have worked in animal hospitals in Tokyo, Japan, and Sydney, Australia, providing professional pet grooming services for sick pets. I have also worked as a senior groomer in several pet grooming shops in Sydney for a total of six years. However, my true passion and mission come from my concern for the welfare of dogs. I often see unfair treatment of dogs in the industry, and even cases of abuse. These events make me very angry and sad, but I have not given up. I have been in this industry for over 5,000 days, and it has made me more determined to help dogs, their owners, and more pet groomers who genuinely love pets. Therefore, I founded my pet services company, FILICIOUS PET SERVICES, to help more dogs in need, owner, pet groomers, and people who love pets in my unique way.


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My philosophy is to help and improve the difficulties that pet groomers and pets face in grooming through my skills, knowledge, positive attitude, and positive influence. In addition, I have opened a special care pet service in my company to help some pets that need special care, such as elderly dogs, sick dogs, or pets that cannot complete their grooming process due to various problems. I also first created a "Puppy Classroom" to provide coaching services for grooming education for puppies under four months and novice owners to help them solve grooming problems. Through these efforts, I hope to raise more awareness of the importance and techniques of pet grooming for dogs and their owners and enable more kind pet groomers to provide better pet grooming services.

I believe that every dog should receive high-quality pet grooming services and feel respected and loved throughout the process. I will continue to work hard to help more groomers understand this and provide the best service for dogs and their owners.


If you are interested our dog grooming course you can book a FREE 1:1 consultation with Groomer mentor by Ryohei team. Our team are available English, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin

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