Puppy grooming classroom

Grooming classroom  
Is this your first puppy?
Are you unsure of the grooming process and what your pup gets up to during grooming?
Not sure how to maintain your pups coat at home?

Filicious provides puppies under 16 weeks free tidy sessions. 

Our free puppy tidy sessions for puppies under 16 weeks old provides an excellent opportunity for you and your puppy learn all about grooming!
Throughout the tidy session, you involved in the process of observing and encouraging your puppy. this would create positive memories and reinforcement which will give your puppy confidence in future grooms.

Our staff will assist your puppy through some pre-grooming practices, and tidy up their coat and hair that is suitable to their age. We will also perform simple health checks and answer any questions you may have as well as sharing some home care tips for you. 

Puppies are capable of learning much from an early age start from 7-8 weeks, as early as (after second vaccination), your puppy can join our puppy classroom HAVE FUN!


Filicious is looking forward to chatting with you!

Your pet is important to us! 

Our one on one consulting service is a very good way to let our staff members

understand your pet’s lifestyle and create a good relationship with you and your

pet. Filicious takes the time to listen and be patient with every dog and their

owner, so that we can do our best care at grooming your pet every time! 

If you are a first-time visitor, chatting with us before grooming is very important. We can assess what your dog needs and be able to help.

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