Puppy grooming classroom FQAs



Puppy classroom FQA

Q. May I book in my puppy in 10 weeks old?

A: As long as your puppy has had their second vaccination, we will be able to organise the private grooming session for you and your pet.

Q. Can I stay with/ drop off my puppy?

A. We create puppy classroom idea for groomers, puppy and owner to be able to interact and build trust between each other. In the process you may see something new, learn something new! Therefore we highly recommended for you  to STAY with your puppy during grooming.

Q May I visit more than one time between under 16 weeks old

A: Yes, under 16 weeks after second vaccine, you can get unlimited free tidy till 16 week old, if we have availabilities. And highly recommend if your puppy is tricky.

Q. May I add a bath session when my puppy older 16 weeks?

A. Yes, we have puppy price bath + free tidy for older 4-6 months old puppy if they are not ready for puppy first clip

Q. May I request a style cut for my puppy first clip?

A. We have our standards to do every puppy first clip. In our opinion, the first clip is a practice clip, it is to provide your puppy with basic hygiene and to keep your puppy  clean and natural. Therefore, if you have high expectation for the look, that Filicious may not suit your requirements.

Q. When my puppy can do a first clip, I don't want shave or too short

A. For oodle breeds, 4-6 months is the best time to first clip. But we would provide an individuals advice for each puppy depending on the season, breed, behaviour, coat type, skin condition, life style, owner favours and the puppy de-sexing date to suggest the first clip date. The first clip we DO NOT DO SHORT CLIP.

Q. Can I wait my puppy 1 year old for the first clip?

A. No, We highly recommend NOT to wait a year.  In our experience no owners can keep their puppy fur tidy and un-matted for 1 year without professional groomed. (above recommendation mostly for long hair and oodles breed)