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Thank you for considering to use our grooming and daycare services 

We are now accepting 

- Puppy under 16 weeks/ before first clip puppy under 6 months 

- Special care dog ( please read our special care pages)

- Normal adult dog 

WE ARE LIMITED SPOT EVERY MONTH AND EXISTING CLIENTS REFER For other particular reasons need our help, please send us a text 0480 181 078 (BE KIND and LOVE)

NOW you can fill in the new grooming client form online following below links

For new clients (for adult dog, no health issue)

For puppy 4-6 months not first clip yet and puppy classroom under 16 weeks old

For special care dog (for the dog who unable be a normal grooming process)

Please fill in and submit. We will review and confirm in 48 hours given we are not fully booked. please check junk mail as well 

Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours. Successful applicants will be contacted via email. If you haven't heard from us after 48 hours, it may mean that we are full or unable to help you.

''If you already have a regular groomer for your dog without issue, we encourage you to continue using their services, as your dog is accustomed to the familiar environment and person. If you're considering switching to Filicious because your current groomer has shaved your dog, please note that we also resort to shaving in cases of severe matting, rather than de-matting.''