Special Care FAQs

Special care dog FAQs

Q. What is a special care dog?

A. If the Dog is disabled, active, 13years+, recuse (neglected/ abused) or cannot be groomed, in usual ways, then certainly there are high chances for him to get into our special care dog range. 

Q. What is a special care owner?

2. Special care owners are the senior citizens who are disabled, unable to drive or have health conditions. If you are special care owner with a dog with health conditions, we’ll accept your dog and provide suitable services to assist you. 

Q. Do you sedate dogs?

A. No, we do not sedate dogs in any situation. However, we encourage proper grooming treatment without sedating pets as sedation is hazardous and has risk to your the dogs' health. (We also suggest let us help your dog before you go to vet operate the sedation process on your pet).

Q. My dog not allow me/vet anyone to clip nails, is this considered special care?

A. We would love to chat with you or make an appointment we assess your dog. Some dog they are just cheeky, be with us they might be good boy and girl!

Q.My dog bite me not allow me grooming, does it special care?

A. Tell us your story and make an appointment with us. Some dogs need some EXTRA care and understanding. Special care is mostly talking about health/ bad memories related issues.

Q. Will you provide house visit services for my Dog?

A. Yes, we will visit you if your dog has difficulty walking, suffers from a serious disease, above age fifteen or some reasons we accept for house visit within 5kms from Filicious.

Q. Can you do a house visit if my Dog requires special care dog service?

A. Yes, following an assessment of your Dog's suitability, we can pay house visits to provide special care dog grooming in your place within 5 kms from Filicious.

Q. My dog is so anxious does it special care?

A. This is a yes or no question. We will arrange a 30-minute session for you and your pet to visit us for a private consultation session. During the process, we will do some small tidies to assess your pet and discuss whether we can help or not. Unfortunately, there are many people who book our special care session using "anxious" as an excuse, and then they expect style cut. Please leave the spot for the dogs who truly need special care. If you are not sure whether your dog needs special care, please text or email us with your case.

Q. What is a house visit? Are you the VAN mobile?

A. Not many people heard about house visit grooming services. Our groomers are experienced home visit grooming since 2016. We are not a mobile van service; instead, we bring our advanced grooming professionals and equipment into your home to groom your pet indoors (We do not accept grooming in the toilet or extreme weather outdoors). Moreover, we request a modest space, water supply, and a PowerPoint when choosing house services.

Q. How much will you charge?

A. We will not charge an extra travel cost of 5 kilometers inside LINDFIELD 2070. The pricing will be the same as our in-store complete grooming rates (depending on your pet's weight) bath/without a bath.

Q. After how long will my dog be eligible for your services?

A. We will evaluate your pet, discuss your pet's condition, recommend the best treatments on the first appointment and eventually begin once we agree on the plan discussed. But usually we are suggest NO MORE THAN 3.5 months for grooming. 

Q. How long does the process take?

A. If your dog is little or medium in size, it may take at least two hours, although we will generally accommodate your pet as quickly as feasible. Additionally, you may be able to witness the whole procedure.

Q. May I request a style cut for my pet?

A. In the special care range for dogs, we strive to groom as quickly as possible in a loving manner to allow your pet to relax quickly. In particular, we offer a basic (clean) cut, which may or may not meet your pet's styling requirements.

Q. How can I know if my dog is eligible for home grooming? 

A. To determine the best option for your dog grooming service, contact us through chat or text us. 

Q. How can I book in ?

A: Please kindly text us at 0480 181 078 with your name and a simple sentence about the puppy first clip/ puppy classroom/ special care. We will send you an application via text or email. Your application will be reviewed within 48 hours. Successful applicants will be contacted via text or email. If you haven't heard from us after 48 hours, it may mean that we are full or unable to help you. 

If you a sending text without your name and service item, only asking how much/ i want book in my puppy/when is your available some without a complete sentence, your inquiry will be invalid. 

Note: Whenever you need our services, remember that we are certainly a text away. We will chat with you to thoroughly investigate your dog and offer the best treatment available. (Be kind and respect)