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Airy vest

Airy vest

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The Airyvest - the ultimate vest for your furry friend! This versatile vest is perfect for any adventure, whether it's hiking, camping, or simply a walk in the park.

The Airyvest features a water-resistant and wind-resistant texture to keep your pet warm and dry in any weather. The synthetic filling and well-fitting construction also help to preserve body heat and keep your furry friend cozy.

The vest is designed to be foolproof in sizing, with high adjustability of the velcro and a lengthened opening. You can roughly determine your pet's chest girth and still make no mistake in the size!

The low-neck design and versatile leash hole make the Airyvest suitable for both harnesses and collars, and it's easy to attach the leash to any gear. Plus, the durable lycra threading of the armhole rims protects your dog from the piercing wind.

Order your Airyvest today and give your furry friend the gift of comfort and style on all your adventures!

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