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Be a responsible Groomer learn by Professional

Be a responsible Groomer learn by Professional

Grooming course

I want to share something that happened this week. 👨‍🏫As part of our new channel, which aims to help people understand the real work of pet groomers or assist them in entering the industry, I joined several pet grooming groups on Facebook to learn about the different challenges people face. By understanding these issues, we can better help you solve your own problems✅

One common topic in these groups is the struggles of NEW groomers starting their own business. These beginners may not have access to professional training, and I often see excited newcomers who have learned pet grooming byself from the internet or YouTube. While self-learning and entrepreneurship are admirable.
🚨I worry about the potential dangers of inexperienced groomers using✂️sharp tools on pets. 🚨🔴No pet deserves to be injured because of our mistakes🚫and as animal lovers, we have a responsibility to be accountable to pets, their owners, and ourselves.

📌Please comment below Would you trust someone who learned how to take care of your child solely from YouTube or by gaining experience?

If you share my concerns, please keep an eye on our channel🙌🏻

🚨Pet grooming involves the frequent use of sharp tools, and lack of experience can lead to serious injury. ❤️‍🔥If pet grooming is the path you want to pursue, 🙌🏻I am excited to announce that we are preparing a training program to help passionate and committed individuals enter the industry with confidence. We will provide you with a systematic and strategic approach to achieving your goal of becoming an irreplaceable pet groomer in any country❤️‍🔥
If you are interested in our training program, please stay tuned to our channel, as our one-on-one consultation meetings is LINK BELOW 

Our team provides more than just basic pet grooming courses. Our curriculum is built on 💚trust, 💚safety, 💚love, 💚care, 💚communication, 💚positivity, and 💚respect, all of which are essential for you to love and care for your pets😊 @filicious_pet_services_

Next time, we'll discuss the dangers of being inexperienced."

If you want to be a responsible groomer, we can help! You can book a FREE 1:1 consultation with Groomer mentor by Ryohei team. Our team are available English, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin 

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