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DON’T go in dog grooming industry unless you know this 10 types of groomers

DON’T go in dog grooming industry unless you know this 10 types of groomers

Are you interested in the dog grooming industry? I

I helped organize a list of 10 types of groomers you should know before entering the dog grooming industry. Understanding these common types of groomers can help you find a mentor to learn from and choose a work environment that suits your interests and skills. Going in the wrong direction can lead to mental and physical exhaustion, which can wear out your passion for the industry.

Here are 10 types of groomers to know:

  1. Salon free style groomer
  2. Mobile Pet Groomer
  3. Asian fusion groomer
  4. Show groomer
  5. Hand-stripping groomer
  6. Creative Pet Groomer
  7. The Vet groomer
  8. Holistic Pet Groomer
  9. Special care groomer
  10. House visiting groomer

Our team consists of several types of groomers, including types 1, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

Before starting my own business at Filicious Pet Services, I worked as a vet groomer in Tokyo and Sydney, and also worked at a salon as a free-style groomer, meaning I followed the owner's instructions to groom the dog.

Now at FILICIOUS, I am still a free-style senior/head groomer, but we use a natural style that is tailored to the dog's lifestyle needs. We are also holistic groomers who prioritize the dog's well-being and use only organic or natural products on them. I and Fina also is a special care and house visit grooming services groomers. For special care dogs unable to travel to us, we offer house visits, a service we started in 2016.

We are also proud of our "Puppy Classroom," which has helped 100+ puppies and their owners with grooming education in 2 years.

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If you have any questions about grooming, our team is always happy to help. We're currently developing a consultation session for groomer mentorship, so stay tuned for updates! You can book a FREE 1:1 consultation with Groomer mentor by Ryohei team. Our team are available English, Japanese, Cantonese and Mandarin 


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